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Kinesiology is a technique that allows us to quickly and accurately tap into the body's innate wisdom using accurate muscle testing.

Pioneers in the field include Dr. John Diamond, MD, who wrote the book Your Body Doesn't Lie and Dr. George Goodheart, DC. More recent schools of kinesiology include "One Brain," "Three-in-One" and Behavioral Kinesiology.

Therapeutic Kinesiology is an advanced form of kinesiology developed by Rev. Myra Swanson. Her approach is a very powerful distillation of the earlier schools' work coupled with original theory based on many years of research.


Therapeutic Kinesiology helps you create the life you want to live. The sessions help to identify and transform negative stressors created in the past, release subconscious limitations, identify your life goals and create positive action steps for a brighter future.

It is a privilege to witness powerful transformations. The main goal of this work is spiritual growth, and with that comes the most rewarding form of healing and true happiness.

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What is Kinesiology
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Kinesiology is a technique that allows us to quickly and accurately tap into the body's innate wisdom using accurate muscle testing.

In the beginning of each session, I invite you to share with me the challenges affecting your life. They can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Be assured that all topics discussed and uncovered during the session are held in strict confidence.

We begin our work together by dedicating the sessions for the greatest good of all. Then sit back and relax, while I use my own body as a surrogate for muscle testing so that you may focus more fully on the information that we obtain and on your healing.

We determine through muscle testing your soul's priority issue for the session. Your body's innate Divine Intelligence guides us throughout. This same wisdom will identify the tools you need to heal.

Our mind-body often enjoys the five senses for healing, such as tasting Flower Essences and smelling Essential Oils, as well as prayers, sacred passages, affirmations and guided meditation. 

The process continues until all of the identified blocks preventing the manifestation of the soul's priority are cleared completely. We actually measure the effectiveness of the work through muscle testing again, to ensure that we have reached 100% completion of all issues brought forward.

Sessions last 60-90 minutes and bring a sense of lightness, peace and usually a good deal of laughter too! At the end of your session, Divine Intelligence may assign positive action steps as homework.

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