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Image by Ashley Batz

Embrace these prayers and essential oils. 
Use them daily and witness their spiritual and emotional support.

Awaken transp 2.png

Diffuse or apply topically over the heart,
on wrists, neck, temple, and forehead.

One of My Favorites

Remind yourself of
Who You Are

"I am one with the Divine.
I do my all for the Divine.
The Divine does its all for me.
I know who I AM."

Valor transp.png

Diffuse or apply topically to the wrists, chest,
back of neck, bottom of feet or along the spine.

An Indispensable Prayer

Balance and Strengthen
Your Energy

"I have love, faith, trust, gratitude, courage, strength and joy.
My energy is boundless.
I am in a state of love.
I am a Powerful woman/man."

Why Angl  transp.png

Diffuse or apply to shoulders, top of head,
behind ears, or brush + seal your entire aura.

Clearing Prayer

Release any Negative Energy

"I co-create with the Divine that all things alien to my temple of light leave all of my  being  and essence at once, and that they be guided to their rightful place, according to Divine will.

I  bless them and so it is!"

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