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Writing by the Water


What Powerful Women Say

"It was fantastic! Thank you, God! The work that was taught felt divinely guided, the truth, and very powerful...I have been around muscle testing for years. I tried to learn it from others, but it wasn't working for me. [Sue's] method was done with Divine Feminine principles and it truly resonated with me. It brings me to tears when I think that I can now tap into the Universal Intelligence with muscle testing [Therapeutic Kinesiology]. I feel that I can shed layers off of 'disease' on a daily basis using what I learned..."

- S.C. Massage Therapist

"While I knew and liked Sue before my kinesiology session, I never dreamed she could help me feel so safe and focus so quickly. As soon as we began to work, she zeroed in on my current awareness, integrating past experiences to bring clarity and energy to what had only been a sense of my next stage in the journey. The vision we arrived at felt right, like something I always knew, but hadn't yet the understanding -- or the courage -- to articulate...Sue helped what was embryonic find life and breath."

- G.P. College Professor

"I came to Sue Pelechaty when I encountered my greatest challenge. Not only my physical body, but my life force totally collapsed. I felt and experienced my mortality and knew my end was very, very close. It was at this moment that I discovered the gift, insight, compassion and extensive training Sue possesses. With her many 'remedies' and spiritual grace, I can say she not only brought me back to the Earth realm, but that she has anchored me here as well. From this point on, I know I can weather any of life's twists and turns. I can honestly state I have painlessly accomplished more in the six months of regular sessions with her than I have in my 19 years of regular and very committed psychotherapy."

- R.W. Bodywork Practitioner

"My first session with Sue was like and extraordinary adventure into my deep body well of truth. Through her muscle testing and kinesiology expertise as a teacher, it strengthened and validated my core truths in my heart, body and soul. I have found a new safe home of accurate testing to reveal what I need, what is blocking my freedom and what is profoundly true. Sue is an expert engineer to access my 'enoughness' and inspire me to be of service to others. I am waiting for more training. This is what I need in my services for my coaching practice! Thank you for uncovering my unknowns to keep me wholehearted and alive!! More, please!!"

- L.S. Life Coach

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